Jimi Hendrix Tapes Might Not Be Useful – Stills

Stephen Stills, the well-known American guitarist and singer/songwriter who has worked with Buffalo Springfield, Crosby and has been known to cross skills in guitar playing with legendary Jimi Hendrix, paid tribute to the latter by going through the unreleased tapes he and Hendrix made together in commemoration for teaching him a lot about guitar playing. He also admitted that there won’t be a new Crosby, Stills and Nash album in the near future as they expect they cannot finish the required work.

Stills states that the tapes he had recorded with mentor Jimi Hendrix weren’t too usable. Usually it was about waiting on each other to start something. But then, they end up laughing instead. Most of the songs were random developments, song with random talking but no lyrics and loud laughter by the end of the song.

When asked about how was Hendrix as a mentor, Stills would state that Jimi Hendrix is an astonishing and dear soul. Stills learned many of his advanced guitar playing style from Jimi Hendrix. He even recalls a time when they compared their fingers and he told Hendrix that it was impossible for him to play like the legendary guitarist.

Stills is to work on a four-disc box set of his songs that spans his entire career.

Source: Classic Rock Magazine

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